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Duke Deuce Feat. Mulatto


Posted By on July 11, 2020

Quality Control has been putting in work over the past few weeks. With the release of Lil Yachty‘s project, as well as City Girls’ album, Duke Deuce appears to be the next member of the label that’s ready to blow. Following the release of Memphis Massacre 2 earlier this year, it appears that things are lining up for Duke Deuce to really blow.

This week, the rapper returned with his latest single, “Kirk” ft. the one and only Mulatto. With crispy Memphis production backing them, the pair deliver an anthem for the bosses and players. Duke shines with sheer charisma while Mulatto’s energy and cool delivery deliver an alternative perspective fro her collaborator. 

Check out Duke Deuce’s “Kirk” ft. Mulatto below and keep your eyes peeled for new music.

Quotable Lyrics
I fuck with stripper hoes and they fuck with me
N***a my neck so froze, they gotta notice me
N***a keep muggin’ in my section, we gon’ stretch him
My n***a a dawg, with that .40, he gon’ fetch him

Duke Deuce


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