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Posted By on December 23, 2020

The past week has been filled with rumors of a potential new album from Eminem. And typically, these rumors are duds, resulting in nothing but disappointment. However, before the year came to an end, Em dropped off an additional 16-songs for “Side B” of Music To Be Murdered By. The rumored tracklist proved fake, though the song titled, “Demons & Zeus” seemed to be included on the final tracklist of the project as “Zeus.” 

The song was among the most talked-about off of the project, largely due to Em name-dropping massive pop cultural figures as well as addressing some of his own controversies that he’s been engulfed in this past year including the leaked bar to Rihanna. But before he even gets into that, he fires shots at Tekashi 6ix9ine and Machine Gun Kelly within the first minute.

Later on in the song, Em offers some insight into longevity to Drizzy which you can read more about here.

Quotable Lyrics
Next they’ll be mentionin’ Future in the past tense
Or sayin’ “Adios” to Migos
I ain’t dissin’, I’m just tryna keep this shit a C-note
Same people been tryna do this shit to me, so
I call them peephole
Because they’re so easy to see through ’em
But a fighter’s all I knew how to be
I got the shit beat out of me
Tripped and fell and blew out a knee (Pop)
Popped it back in and hopped up like, “Fuck it
Best two out of three”