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Money Goes, Honey Stays

Posted By on July 29, 2020

For a versatile hip-hop artist, it can be difficult to highlight all sides of one’s artistry in one cohesive package. For Fabolous, who spent the better part of his career balancing hard-hitting punchline acumen with intimate reflections on the romantic lifestyle, studio albums tended to be the perfect middle ground. Of course, those who preferred one side over the other tended to view Fab’s versatility as a detriment at times, but it can easily be argued that it helped him endure for as long as he has. 

And that’s a long time indeed. Yesterday marked the eleven-year anniversary of his fifth studio album Loso’s Way, a platinum effort that featured contributions from Lil Wayne, Alchemist, The-Dream, and Jay-Z, who held it down on the popular single “Money Goes, Honey Stays.” Though the Jigga Man didn’t provide a verse, his presence alone serves as validation of sorts — not that Fab needs it, as he’s been more than capable of hanging with elite lyricists for years. For those who remember this one dropping back in 2009, be sure to revisit it now, and sound off in the comment section with your thoughts.


White Benz, light tint
Riding like, “What the fuck is an indictment?”
Spent ten thous for excitement
That’s how the day goes, that’s how the nights went