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Flatbush Zombies


Posted By on August 6, 2020

Flatbush Zombies have officially returned with a brand new single, continuing the momentum previously sparked on their Now, More Than Ever EP. Today, the trio of Meechy Darko, Erick Arc Elliot, and Zombie Juice have delivered “Afterlife,” produced by none other than James Blake. No stranger to hip-hop collaboration, Blake offers up an atmospheric and slightly unsettling trap instrumental, proving his adaptability as a student of the game. As the chorus slides in, Blake switches up the vibe and pulls back with some haunting piano; overall, it’s a dynamic instrumental and we’d be curious to see him pursue further rap endeavors. 

As expected, Erick Arck makes short work of the instrumental, setting things off with an effortless verse. “Got bored on ’em, got awards on ’em, nowadays, they’re treatin’ music like tourism,” he laments, fuelled by devilish synthesizers. Meechy Darko holds it down for the second verse, tame by his standards but no less potent in his messaging. “Ironic how they wet you up when you drip too much, acid, acid, say I trip too much,” he raps. “Talk a lot of shit, give lip too much / Exposure, showin’ how I live too much.” 

Check out “Afterlife” now, and sound off if you’re ready and willing to receive a new album from the Flatbush Zombies.


What a shame when the day ain’t perfect
I’m a slave on the modern ship
NBA, NFL, not on politics
Got bored on ’em, got awards on ’em
Nowadays, they’re treatin’ music like tourism
What is pop, what is not? 
What is different when you’re not? 

Flatbush Zombies