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Rich Today

Posted By on July 10, 2020

Many artists are finding creative ways to stay busy and productive while in quarantine, much like Brooklyn rapper Flipp Dinero did when he dropped his new single titled “Rich Today” with a music video to assist.

Flipp Dinero Rich Today
Photo by HNHH

Premiered via Complex, “Rich Today” is a song where Flipp raps about the one thing everyone in the world either enjoys doing or strives to be doing: getting to that paper. The visuals look to have to been shot in and around the 24-year-old emcee’s crib or a rental for the time being. Either way, dropping bars about getting money is a tale as old as time — well, at least when it comes to the world of hip-hop! — and we can’t be mad at the hustle one bit.

Stream “Rich Today” by Flipp Dinero below, as well as peeping the accompanying music video that also dropped today:

Quotable Lyrics:

I pull up, I’m keeping the mask on
You know it’s a stick up, remember them days I was stuck
I’m that n***a they passed on
Now I step when I walk, and the cash gone 
Got the whip and I pull in the fast zone
How the f*ck he go get it? They said I was trippin’, no wonder them n****s got laughed on
Concentrate when I thumb through the bag

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