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Foushee Feat. Lil Wayne

gold fronts

Posted By on March 29, 2021

Foushée is on the rise. Following up the release of Lil Wayne‘s latest single “Ain’t Got Time” featuring the singer, Foushée returns with her own single, working with the legendary New Orleans-based rapper again for “gold fronts”.

Disguised as a song about grills, the track explores the experience of Black people in America. It also deals with how the last year has affected many people’s mental health, touching on depression and more as Foushée sings about self-medication and more. Lil Wayne comes into her world for the new record, rhyming over the slow jam for the final verse, also harmonizing with Foushée during her chorus. 

Watch the brand new music video for Foushée’s “gold fronts” with Lil Wayne below. What do you think?

Quotable Lyrics:

I’m the one they take they nose from
The one they try to take they flow from
And if they drip, then I’m the one that it all flows from
Silence of the lamb, don’t wake this gold up
They can’t take the same road up
They can’t take when I roll up with both my doors up



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