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Fredo Bang Feat. JayDaYoungan

Many Men

Posted By on October 30, 2021

Fredo Bang and JayDaYoungan are two artists who are in similar places in their careers. Their music is about gang life, the streets, and the pain that can come with that lifestyle. They are both gaining popularity and with each new song, they are able to grow their respective fanbases. Now, they have decided to team up with each other for a brand new song called “Many Men” which contains some references to the classic 50 Cent song of the same name.

Throughout the track, Fredo Bang comes through with some violent and braggadocios lyrics that speak to his status in his hometown. There are some melodic passages from both artists, and overall, they both put in some very solid verses. JayDaYoungan sounds just as hungry as Fredo on the track, and it creates the perfect chemistry for this collab to work.

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Quotable Lyrics:

I put one through a n**** chest until he fessed up
I keep this bitch up on my side that’s for my dick up
A n**** see me they know it’s murder they have they stick up
You trynna get that shit in blood you better not pick us

Fredo Bang


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