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G4 Boyz Feat. Ivorian Doll & G4 Choppa

Local Scammer (Remix)

Posted By on July 5, 2020

G4 Boyz have been making noise over the past few months with the release of their single, “Local Scammer.” The record is a global anthem for all the fraud mans — from the UK to Ghana. They’ve been pumping new life into the single over the past few weeks with a recent remix featuring Chief Keef. Now, they’ve tapped one of the most promising voice in the UK right now, Ivorian Doll, for the official remix.

If you haven’t heard of Ivorian Doll, she’s a rising star in the UK drill scene that’s made waves with singles like “Queen Of Drill” and “Rumors.” With G4 Boyz and G4 Choppa detailing the luxuries and stresses of the scammer lifestyle, Ivorian Doll delivers a necessary voice for the bossed up ladies in the game.

Check out the remix below.

Quotable Lyrics
Local scammer, do up glamour
Bally on face, won’t do up slammer
Watch your tone, watch your grammar
Bros got teeth and they’re in that hammer
Ayy, ayy, runnin’ up numbers, somethin’ I’m planning
Bro got a decent plug, tryna reload up, bringin’ all that cash in

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