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Guapdad 4000

Deadly Assassination Summer Squad

Posted By on August 7, 2020

Swagger and charisma can only get an artist so far — thankfully Guapdad 4000 has the talent to boot, making him somewhat of a multi-pronged threat in this rap game. Capable of spitting bars with the poise of a veteran emcee, as evidenced by his still ongoing “Rona Raps” cypher series, his latest drop “Deadly Assassination Summer Squad” highlights his melodic capabilities. Though a brief track overall, Guapdad makes sure to jam it full of material. “Even though it’s hot out here, I’m still gon’ be a criminal,” he raps. “Come and check my temperature, spent fever in the Gucci store, assassination artist, flippin’, make that shit flawless.”

As the extended verse continues, Guap’s flow whips into a frenzied whirlwind, though never at the cost of his chill demeanor. It’s a testament to his powers as both a melodist and a lyricist, capable of blending both worlds into one cohesive package. At this rate, it’s only a matter of time before more people start taking note of the Ferragamo Falcon, as imaginative a voice in this modern rap game as they come. Check out the curiously titled “Deadly Assassination Summer Squad” now, and show some love to Guap in the comments below.


Even though it’s hot out here, I’m still gon’ be a criminal
Come and check my temperature, spent fever in the Gucci store
Assassination artist, flip it, make that shit flawless
Every band in your hands, out the dumpster
Don’t understand how business work
It’s the youngster mindset, my mindset about that action
I’m tryna flex and have sex, fuck his taxes

Guapdad 4000