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Your House

Posted By on January 22, 2021

Following a brief hiatus, Hopsin recently shared an update in which he opened up about some of the personal struggles he’s been experiencing. From the sound of it, Hop appears to have found a sense of inner peace, and while he does intend on releasing some of his older music, he maintains that it was made during a darker period in his life. In any case, Hop has officially made good on his pledge to drop some new tracks, beginning with a glimpse into his troubled family life on “Your House.”

As fans have come to expect, Hop wastes little time in painting an effective childhood scene. “I was born inside of this shit, My fucking parents scrappin’, I was mortified as a kid,” he raps, over a haunting lullaby. “Police always at my house all because of my daddy’s temper / Man, this shit going on about as long as I can remember.” As the song progresses, the stakes raise drastically, as Hop admits to some of his deepest fears. “I would go to school feeling so frightened, yeah, I was scared,” he admits. “Not knowing if I’m gonna go home finding my momma dead.” Dark though his admissions may be, he makes sure to end the track on a reflective note, imploring parents to realize that their actions. can impact a child’s behavior. 

Check it out for yourself now, and sound off if you’re excited for some more music from Hopsin


That we dealt with when we were younger
And that’s why therapy’s the best, listen
If you got kids of your own and you throwing tantrums
Don’t be oblivious and assume that it won’t impact them
Children follow the protocol of their parents’ blueprint
So when there’s an issue, they might handle it just how you did