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Hotboy Wes Feat. Gucci Mane

My Lil Dance

Posted By on July 7, 2021

Though it took a few years, it seems like Gucci Mane‘s curated an excellent roster to usher in a new era for 1017. Over the past year, the rapper has been openly searching for new talent for his roster. Unfortunately, some of the most visible members of the roster have been recently incarcerated but things are still in motion. This morning, Gucci Mane announced the signing of his latest artist, Hotboy Wes.

To commemorate their new deal, Hotboy Wes unveiled a brand new single titled, “My Lil Dance” ft. Gucci Mane. With production laced by eerie keys with bouncy percussion as Hotboy Wes rides the production with a direct and effortless flow. Gucci Mane touches the second verse, detailing his OG status with a pristine triplet flow.

Quotable Lyrics
N***as be hatin’, I get it, they still in they feelings
Get found by some n***as who fishin’
I’m a subliminal dissing, can’t blemish my image
I’m ballin’ like I play for Clifton

Hotboy Wes


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