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King Alfred

Posted By on October 16, 2020

IDK’s newest single “King Alfred” starts with a bang and doesn’t stop: “bring Obama back, tell em bring Obama back/got the uzi and a cannon, where the drama at?”

The rapper’s most recent project IDK & Friends 2 showed off his chameleon-like ability to adapt his brand of eccentric lyricism alongside any artist, whether it was Maxo Kream or Juicy J, but this latest loosie is proof that he can easily carry a track by himself. It’s not hard to see why the rapper was first courted by TDE and G.O.O.D. when he says things like “they was talking shit, now they talk to 2Pac/now they JFK with the roof off.”

Featuring a cameo appearance from Lil Yachty counting in Spanish, “King Alfred” is whimsical, off-kilter, and a stinging observation of what is happening: “we shall overcome/and if we don’t, bitch you better run.”

Check out “King Alfred” below and stay tuned for IDK’s USEE4URSELF which is coming soon.

Quotable Lyrics

She know I’m daddy so she going to Baghdad
Like a militant, I make the law bitch, calm down, I’m a Ritalin
Talk behind my back but you acting like you innocent
We no longer cool, why you acting like we friends again?
When bass up, make the check hit
I buy commercial real estate, not a necklace
Someone throw a brick at my stepfather Lexus
11106, that’s the address, bitch