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Isaiah Rashad

4 Da Squaw

Posted By on September 2, 2021

This year, Isaiah Rashad returned from a lengthy musical hiatus, delivering his new album The House Is Burning to critical acclaim. Prior to that, the last project we heard from Isaiah came five years ago to this day, when he dropped off The Sun’s Tirade.

 At the time, the album was seen as a stylistic shift for the artist, and some were initially uncertain about how to respond. Now that several years have passed, fans have come to appreciate Isaiah’s vision, appreciating his slow-burn and understated approach to crafting projects. On this milestone anniversary, it feels fitting to highlight one of the album’s biggest singles, though in true Rashad fashion “4r Da Squaw” is the furthest thing from in-your-face.

Instead, it’s about as chill as can be, an invitation to spend your time unpacking the depth of his poetic and wistful lyrics. The fact that Rashad released this as a single speaks to his confidence — not to mention his unwillingness to compromise his artistry in favor of chasing trends. Though it may have divided some at the time of its release, The Sun’s Tirade has only grown more appreciated with every passing year. Happy anniversary!

Quotable Lyrics

I think at nighttime the moon should call my phone
Hit my line, I’m here for you
And Eastside, shame on us
Rain, come on now, I figured the mood

Isaiah Rashad