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In My City

Posted By on July 11, 2020

Jackboy is really coming into his own as an artist. He’s often looked at as Kodak Black‘s right-hand man, though these days, he’s tasked with holding down the Sniper Gang movement on his own while Yak is locked up. He’s continued to provide a serious amount of music this year including his excellent self-titled debut.

As he continues to push new singles out, he returned this week with his latest, “In My City.” Taking it back to the streets of Broward County, Jackboy paints a bleak reality of Broward County. The bluesy guitar riffs match the pain in his voice while he speaks on the paranoia and anxiety growing up in an area where death or jail is common. “Boy you gotta keep a gun cause this shit get hella scary/ My dog just got up outta jail now he in a cemetery/ This real rap no cap this ain’t my imaginary,” Jackboy raps on the hook. Of course, Jackboy does make a concerted effort to take a swipe at both 6ix9ine and Akademiks during the second verse.

Check out his latest song below.

Quotable Lyrics
These n***s snitching just like 6ix9ine, giving info out like Akademiks
How the fuck a street n***a the main witness
How the fuck a street n***a doing police business
I done seen a street n***a do police work
Actin’ like David Lane on paperwork
The ones you ain’t expecting that’s gone be the ones that crack first