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Jacquees & Chris Brown

Put In Work

Posted By on July 23, 2020

Chris Brown and Jacquees have been teasing their latest team-up for a minute and, finally, it’s on the way. 

Out now in select international markets, the duo of serene singers come through with “Put In Work,” the track they’ve been promoting for the last few weeks. Jacquees recently popped up at Chris Brown’s home in Los Angeles to work on the concept for the OG Parker and XL Eagle-produced song and video, which have been fleshed out and are ready to go.

The two have a long history of working together, developing a strong friendship over the years. In this latest banger, titled “Put In Work,” the pair of gifted vocalists serenade the ladies with their signature soft tones, designing the soundtrack for the bedroom.

If you’re not seeing this one yet on streaming services, be patient as it will be there come midnight. For now, preview it below.

Quotable Lyrics:

Panties on the floor, we don’t need clothes
Can I get a repeat of the show?
Young Jacquees, in your sheets
Bumpin’ that CB, ridin’ slow
No 9 to 5, but you put in work
You gon’ let me put it in drive 
I guess when I’m in it skrrt



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