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Rainbow Bap

Posted By on August 14, 2020

Jaden’s aesthetic has taken many twists and turns throughout his career. He has gone through a musical evolution, maturing his style and introducing people to this latest chapter in his career. Nowadays, Jaden is no longer on his shaved-eyebrows, half-haired look. Nope. Jaden is embracing the rainbow now.

His new aesthetic is filled with colors from all around. Positivity is flowing within it. With his new album Cool Tapes Volume 3 on the way, including his reunion with Justin Bieber, Jaden has just released the second single from it, titled “Rainbow Bap.”

This one draws from his past releases, specifically “Summertime In Paris” with his sister Willow. This time around, Jaden is still navigating a love story on a cold morning by the Eiffel Tower, getting wavy in his approach to the new music. 

Who’s ready to hear more from Jaden? Cool Tapes Volume 3 is out on August 28.

Quotable Lyrics:

I’m like Pippen hitting six swishes in six seconds
Autonomous whipping while whole colonies are poverty-stricken
Young n***as they ain’t stopping and dripping
The way I dribble the rock
They gotta watch how the rocks are glistening
Blood diamonds, ancestors fighting with colonists
Know your history, inherit the confidence
It’s apparent and obvious