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James Blake

Do You Ever

Posted By on October 15, 2020

James Blake just dropped a new EP, pledging that it would showcase his newfound “confidence to put my own voice on dancefloor rhythms.” 

His music has been slowly revealing his pop inclinations which each new release and “Do You Ever” is perhaps his most blatant attempt yet at a straightforward pop song. 

He crafts an atmospheric piano-led beat with a dance backbeat as he reminisces on lost memories: “I wanted the two seat version/I wanted the Saturday version/I thought there was more.”

The song is a stylistic return to his days as a club DJ, with the beat sounding like the lowkey underground house music coming out of his native London. 

Don’t get it twisted though. Even though it’s James Blake‘s most pop-leaning song yet, it’s still a James Blake song. Pitched up vocal samples clash against woozy pads and orchestral strings, creating an environment that’s altogether alien and disorienting, but still beautiful.

Check out the visualizer for “Do You Ever” below and share your thoughts with us in the comments.

Quotable Lyrics

Do you ever think about me?
Really, if you’re honest with me
I’d like to say it’s two way
In my slideshows
You come off so well
Better than I еver remember
Better than I ever remember

James Blake