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A Milli

Posted By on July 12, 2020

Canadian artist JETSET is back with a new single. The name “A Milli” may cause you to think about a popular rap song with the same name, but this track by JETSET has a completely different vibe. More pop than hip-hop, “A Milli” utilizes trap drums and colorful pianos to build a fluttering excited beat around JETSET’s singing. 

“A Milli” finds JETSET calmly musing about his future. The smooth croons are catchy, and the melody is memorable. It sounds as if the track was constructed with the radio in mind. JETSET wants to make sure his family and friends are well taken care of, and that’s a sentiment that will resonate with the masses. The delivery is somewhat generic, and the instrumental isn’t groundbreaking, but the vibes make up for it. 

Quotable Lyrics
I just want to ball baby I ain’t playing games
Money coming in, and I swear to stay the same
I just want a Milli, I ain’t in it for the fame
Turn up for my city every time I’m on the stage