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Joe Moses

Gotta Be Careful

Posted By on October 12, 2020

Joe Moses has been remaining low-key and busy throughout quarantine. Despite many artists choosing to push back releasing projects to when they’re able to tour, many also knew that the streets needed new music imminently. Joe Moses blessed fans with the sequel to 2019’s Westside earlier this year. He’s been relatively quiet since but he returned with a new single titled, “Gotta Be Careful” this weekend. The rapper takes it slow on this one, administering the proper dosage of auto-tune in his vocals to emphasize the pain in his voice. Joe Moses details the long journey to success, and the people he lost along the way. It’s an introspective record from Moses who reflects on loyalty and trust and how that changes over time.

Peep the song out below.

Quotable Lyrics
Gotta thank all my n***as for not givin’ up
N***as move past, the only way that they can mention us
Started from nothing but we ain’t givin’ up
You ain’t no opp but you ain’t a friend to us
You ain’t gang, you ain’t shit to us

Joe Moses