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Joyner Lucas


Posted By on October 21, 2020

Joyner Lucas recently promised that his upcoming project Evolutionwhich drops off this Friday, would be an instant classic. While that remains to be seen, Joyner has officially dropped off another piece of the puzzle with “Snitch,” a track that finds him once again operating in his conceptual bag. The premise is simple, evoking shades of Eminem and Dr. Dre‘s “Guilty Conscience” as Joyner’s own inner monologue engages in a heated discourse. The topic in question — the morality and practicality of snitching, one of hip-hop’s major hot button topics.

As he often does, Joyner makes sure to provide two sides to the story, though his own preference is evident from the start. Lest we forget, snitching is one of hip-hop’s cardinal sins, a surefire way to tarnish one’s reputation and integrity. “Your kids’ll grow up, knowin’ that you just a sucka for life,” he raps, in the climactic bars. “Lackin’ morals and integrity, it come with a price / and if you fold then you should know, that we ain’t nothin’ alike.”

To further enhance the narrative, Joyner has opted to give “Snitch” the visual treatment — check it out now, and sound off. Do you think Joyner’s assessment that he’s sitting on a classic has a chance fo being accurate?


Man fuck that “make it right shit”, you gotta sit, do your bid
You should’ve thought about this shit, before you did what you did
Give a fuck about your family or your bitch or your kids
You either gon’ respect the code or your gon’ get what you give
Who gives a fuck about the codes? No one follow codes
We both know that jail ain’t the place you wanna go
Somebody fuckin’ on your bitch, you tryna call her phone
If I was you I’d tell them boys everything they wanna know

Joyner Lucas