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Juice WRLD


Posted By on July 11, 2020

Juice WRLD‘s death remains one of the biggest tragedies in music over the last year. While Juice might not be around, his music most certainly lives on, and recently, his team dropped a posthumous album called Legends Never Die. This project is already streaming incredibly well as many of the songs encapsulate what Juice was all about.

One of the undeniable standouts from the album is the track called “Titanic,” which sees Juice WRLD comparing his life to the infamous cruise ship. As he explains, his mind is giving him so many racing thoughts that it feels like the Titanic crashing into an iceberg. It’s a chilling track that will certainly have all Juice WRLD fans reminiscing about their favorite artist.

Quotable Lyrics:

Just got a new house, gotta hide the skeletons in the closet
And keep ’em there, really tryna forget about ’em
They tell me God watchin’ over me, I don’t doubt it
But I can see ’em gettin’ tired of me, sinnin’ and wildin’

Juice WRLD