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Juice WRLD

Wishing Well

Posted By on July 10, 2020

It’s hard to listen to Juice WRLD‘s posthumous album Legends Never Die. The late 21-year-old rapper was on a path to superstardom, truly becoming a legend during his short time on this planet. While he may no longer be with us, he knew that his death was preventable. He says so on the new song “Wishing Well,” which some fans affectionately know as “Lauryn Hill.”

The track is the fourteenth song on the tracklist and it speaks to Juice’s struggles with drug addiction. As you likely know, the Chicago artist passed away in December 2019 from an overdose after landing in his hometown. He is said to have downed a lot of pills after the feds were called about the drugs onboard his jet. 

Some of the lyrics on “Wishing Well” are incredibly haunting, including when he speaks about how he knows that he won’t be on Earth much longer if he continues on his path to destruction, despite not knowing how he would live without the pills.

“Drugs killing me softly, Lauryn Hill,” he raps on the song.

This is just one of the records on Legends Never Die that deals with the problems Juice WRLD faced in his life.

Long Live Juice WRLD. Stream Legends Never Die here.

Quotable Lyrics:

Sometimes I don’t know how to feel
Let’s be for real
If it wasn’t for the pills, I wouldn’t be here
But if I keep taking these pills, I won’t be here, yeah
I just told y’all my secret, yeah
It’s tearing me to pieces
I really think I need them

I stopped taking the drugs and now the drugs take me

Juice WRLD