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Kembe X Feat. Ab-Soul & ICECOLDBISHOP

Back At it

Posted By on November 21, 2020

Kembe X has been quietly delivering heat all year round. The rapper’s 2019 offering, I Was Depressed Until I Made This arrived in the fall and he kept his foot on the pedal ever since. This week, he returned with an eerie new banger alongside Ab-Soul and ICECOLDBISHOP on “Back At It.” Ab-Soul kicks things off with a drug-fueled verse before Kembe X and ICECOLDBISHOP turn the energy up, contrasting the Black Lip Bastard’s laid back flow at the beginning.

Ab-Soul has been a bit more active in the past few weeks than at any point throughout the year. This marks his second collaborative effort in the span of a week, previously connecting with Russ for their tribute to BET’s Rap City.

Peep Kembe X’s latest track below.

Quotable Lyrics
I saw a target and hit it
Every bar is acidic
Way before I did acid
I found the apple and bit it
Just ’cause they said it’s forbidden
That’s what made it attractive
I had to earn a livin’
Not a urn with my ashes, my n***a

Kembe X


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