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Kembe X Feat. Denzel Curry


Posted By on October 31, 2020

Kembe X has been known for his hard-hitting tracks and fans are beginning to catch on to just how energetic he can be on a track. Having said that, it only makes sense that he would want to collaborate with an artist like Denzel Curry, who has made a name off of his energy and ability to give off metal singer vibes over hip-hop production. 

In fact, the two recently came through with a new song called “Scared” and it’s definitely a banger. With this song, we get some menacing production all while Kembe X and Denzel Curry provide shouted flows with some violent imagery. If you need a track to get you in that Halloween mindset, this could definitely do the trick.

Quotable Lyrics:

Running man, running man, running man
City on fire man, hard to get higher but a higher hand
Lover and a fighter man, eye of the tiger and
Don’t call me Rocky, a hopeless romantic
Sippin’ the green, I could be captain planet
This epidemic had me in a panic

Kembe X


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