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Kenny Mason Feat. Deante Hitchcock


Posted By on July 15, 2020

Atlanta rapper Kenny Mason returned last week with his new single “Storm.” The single came just months after the release of his Angelic Hoodrat album and it looks like he’s already back on a hard grind, coming through again with another new track.

Featuring Deante’ Hitchcock, the 5-minute-long cut deals with current events and highlights both rappers in their lyrical bags. Produced by Juu, the beat is reminiscent of those who paved the way for Kenny and Deante’ to spit their bars.

As two of Atlanta’s most talented up-and-comers, “Give” is exactly the kind of song that we would have written up from Kenny and Deante’. Listen below.

Quotable Lyrics:

My dawg gon’ make sure them swipes right like Tinder
N***a I remember, steppin’ back like Kemba
Walk a line that’s often times enticed by inner shit
I’m dealin’ with ‘nough blood on my hands, already hard to wash off like henna

Kenny Mason


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