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Kenny Mason

Play Ball

Posted By on March 26, 2021

In the span of a month, Kenny Mason has treated his fans with three incomparable singles as well as announced Supercut, his highly-anticipated follow-up to his acclaimed 2020 full-length debut Angelic HoodratStarting with “Partments” in February and doubling back with “Pup” earlier this month, Kenny Mason has been heading full speed ahead in his unique genre-bending direction, and with his latest release, it’s evident that the rising Atlanta artist has no plan to ditch his rap-rock aesthetic anytime soon.

Sonically, “Play Ball” is perhaps the brightest single that Kenny Mason has dropped so far this year, but the pop-rock production is utterly misleading, as throughout the nearly three-minute track finds the Angelic Hoodrat talking about the violence and confrontation that he has experienced in his community. In addition to tying into the artist’s recurring dog theme, the song’s title also reflects Mason’s menacing challenge for his opposition to go ahead and try him. From singing about his gun to rapping about robbing unsuspecting victims, Kenny Mason’s new single “Play Ball” is a welcomed addition to his catalogue, and it’s the perfect representation of the duality that Mason’s music has embraced as of late. 

Quotable Lyrics

Life of a rough neck, die for my respect
Y’all n*ggas suspect, lie to get success
Lot of these n*ggas is lottery tickets in my hood
Inspirin’ me to jug, who ’bout to slip up next?
Knew how the spot rookies without looking work
B*tch I took it, No retaliation ’cause y’all p*ssy

Kenny Mason