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Kevin Gates

Plug Daughter 2

Posted By on February 12, 2021

It’s safe to say that we’re due for a new studio album from Baton Rouge general Kevin Gates. The rambunctious rapper is known for his raunchy rhymes about sex and the street way, rarely missing with his recent releases. One of the most melodic trap rappers, Gates has had some trouble with the law in the past but, in recent years, he’s showcased maturity and growth, refusing to leave his family for another long stay in prison. 

As we gear up for the next full-length project from the 35-year-old, the Bread Winner has returned with his new single “Plug Daughter 2”. The first “Plug Daughter” was released over six years ago, so a sequel was long overdue. In 2021, Kevin is still f*cking with the plug’s daughter, getting special treatment because of it. The beat was produced by Internet Money’s Taz Taylor.

Listen to Kevin Gates‘ new single “Plug Daughter 2” and stay tuned for his upcoming releases.

Quotable Lyrics:

We keepin’ it G when you deal with a dealer
Or call out if they can’t supply in the city
We bought us a body shop, we in the buildin’
My satellite phone ’bout to bump on the hitter
I hit ’em two times then hang up, he gon’ send it
A thousand ’em b*tches, I’m payin’ they tickets
Your name, date of birth, social flicks, and your children
You cannot do that, then we cannot do business

Kevin Gates