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Kevin Gates


Posted By on October 29, 2020

Kevin Gates has been active on social media but, as far as his music goes, he hasn’t really been releasing as much as his fans have become accustomed to. Still, it feels as though we’re nearing the next full-length release from the Baton Rouge general, who continues to tease something using his new catchphrase “Carry on.”

Finally, the wait for new music is over and we’ve got some content from the one and only Breadwinner.

Out of nowhere, Kevin Gates premiered a new video on his YouTube page today, releasing his fresh single “Weeks”.

The track is just as introspective as where he left off, speaking about his experiences in the streets and bragging about the diamonds on his neck, calling them a “symbol of success” and saying that he refuses to tuck his chains because, even if he does, his opps will still try and end his life.

Keep an eye on him because it looks like Gates is reloading.

What do you think of this one?

Quotable Lyrics:

I ain’t took my chains off in weeks
If I tuck it, they gon’ try to kill me anyway
And I’m prayin’ to the god of the streets
Way too big to be discreet anyway
Hope I fly on the arms of my n***as
Wonder why my heart cold, n***a soul got the shivers
Baby, I ain’t took my chains off in weeks
Love that shit too big to be discreet

Kevin Gates