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Koffee Feat. Buju Banton

Pressure (Remix)

Posted By on September 26, 2020

If there’s one star that’s had people on the edge of their seats for a debut album, it’s Koffee. The Jamaican singer left an impression on the world with Rapture and with the slew of singles she’s released since late 2019, it seems like a new album could be on its way shortly.

Earlier this year, she unleashed her single, “Pressure” which she’s followed up with an official remix. Hailing the recently signed Roc Nation artist, and overall Jamaican legend Buju Banton, uplifts the rising star with an appearance on the record. Bringing that old school feeling of reggae to the fold, Buju Banton opens up the track addressing systemic corruption and poverty.

Buju previously sang Koffee’s praises in a recent interview on Hot 97. “Koffee is a beautiful artist,” said Banton. “It is prophecied in the book that ‘young men I calleth upon you because you are strong.’ Now if the young men fail to heed that call he’s gonna call upon the young women, and if they fail he’s gonna call up on the babies and suckling, and if they fail he’s gonna call upon the rocks and the stones.”

Peep the remix below.

Quotable Lyrics
We feeling di pressure way down to di core
How money fi deh ya wen dem sen it offshore
An every nation come ya get eh job we stay poor
Dem show youh twenty dollar weh go through di back door



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