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Azealia Banks

Black Madonna

Posted By on June 10, 2020

Azealia Banks is no stranger to confrontation, and as such has alienated some of her more casual listeners. Yet all the while, the rapper has stood by her actions and never compromised her vision, an admirable quality befitting of her talent. Though some still hope for more consistency from Azealia, every so often she comes through with a noteworthy banger, as is the case with her latest drop “Black Madonna.”

The track finds her connecting with Lex Luger, who provides Banks with a lavish, ice-cold instrumental. It doesn’t take long for Azealia to find her pocket, absolutely coasting over the beat with a confident swagger. “Black diamonds, blue dollars and purple clouds look like Madonna,” she sneers, in her opening bars. “That calico stretch your fitted I got it if you want it, guess I’m popping your top like Jiffy Pop jelly your donut / lil mama’s invited she get them dollars and get going.” As her verse unfolds, Luger expands the instrumental with eerie synth chimes, making “Black Madonna” one of Banks’ most intimidating drops in a minute. 


Fuck what you heard about me
Cold killer, Hillary Rodham with the murder count
She ain’t no BM, no n***a bottom bitch working a route for cheese
I’ll catch ya, cook ya, then murk ya
Cold pistol whip ya then dirt ya

Azealia Banks