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Lil Berete Feat. 2KBABY


Posted By on November 23, 2020

Regent Park’s own Lil Berete unleashed a steady stream of music throughout the year after closing out 2019 with the release of 1 Way Out. He kicked things off with “Ride Or Die” ft. Anders earlier this year and kept his foot on the pedal throughout 2020. 

This week, he returned with a brand new single titled, “Murda” ft 2KBaby. The record, produced by Unimerce, Skeem, and Ethan Frost, finds the rapper reflecting on the harsh realities of the streets.

“I made ‘Murda’ as a way to communicate to the world how we as Black men are being profiled by authorities worldwide,” Berete said of the song in a statement. “Unfortunately, it’s not just an American issue, it’s a worldwide issue. As a Black man growing up in Regent Park (Toronto, Canada), we get profiled by the police every day, and most of the incidents that occur within our community aren’t even reported in the news – this is why we feel like society believes that Black lives don’t matter and this is the reason we are trying to convince the world that Black lives do in fact matter.”

Quotable Lyrics
I’m just trying to live life for real
I don’t care about the past
Friendship had to crash
And I knew it wouldn’t last
I don’t trust nobody because you
Gotta watch you mans

Lil Berete


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