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Lil Durk

Death Ain't Easy

Posted By on December 26, 2020

Lil Durk has been a busy man in 2020 and despite numerous personal tragedies, he has continued to persevere and deliver music to his fans. On Thursday, Durk dropped his new album called “The Voice” which was meant to pay homage to the life of King Von. The album has numerous references to the late rapper and on the track “Death Ain’t Easy,” we even get a voice note from Von.

As for Durk, he takes a more somber approach to the track as we get a reflection on the emptiness that death provides those who knew the deceased. The beat is laced with pianos and melancholic 808s that help set the tone of the entire track. It’s a dope tribute to Von and fans will surely enjoy this one.

Quotable Lyrics:

You think you tough, you got your clip extended
Been on my own, I’m feelin’ independent
I love you too, but I don’t know your feelings
You ain’t gotta tell me ’cause I know the difference

Lil Durk