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Kanye Krazy

Posted By on January 29, 2021

Lil Durk is on an outstanding run, finally getting the recognition he’s deserved all this time through his consistency and constant quality. Following his feature on Drake‘s “Laugh Now Cry Later”, the Chicago rapper’s price went up substantially as he continued to deliver some of the year’s best musical releasesThe Voice has been one of his most successful albums to date, and with the deluxe edition arriving today, Durkio is adding even more fire to the project.

One of the songs that have had people talking all week has been “Kanye Krazy”. While the title is enough to elicit some headlines, the track’s Cole Bennett-directed video is what went viral on social media. Lil Durk recreated some of Kanye’s most iconic looks of all time, from “I Love It” to “Runaway”. 

The video is a clear tribute to one of Chicago’s greatest artists of all time. Durk gives his take on the “Bound 2” video, snatches the microphone from a Taylor Swift lookalike, yells at Sway Calloway, and does way more in the perfectly-executed video for “Kanye Krazy”.

Watch it below and let us know what your favorite part is.

Quotable Lyrics:

You ain’t got thе answers, Sway
I be claimin’ I’m the realest like any other day
The feds got and went in the camera inside his Cartier
Tryna not to bring up sh*t you did, you gotta concentrate
They don’t be thinkin’ bout handcuffs no more, they tryna kill me
I won’t put my trust in you no more, you gotta feel me
Bringin’ all my K’s, I had to seal it
Kanye crazy but this the real me

Lil Durk