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Lil Durk

Switched Up

Posted By on January 30, 2021

Lil Durk had himself a massive 2020 thanks to a plethora of features and in 2021, he has been able to continue his winning streak with his brand new album The Voice. After a strong first week and a half of sales, Durk decided to drop a deluxe version of the album which was released on Friday. Twelve new songs were put into the world and among the strongest is the third cut, called “Switched Up.”

The track features a nice little piano line that gives the song a ballad-like feel which is something that Durk has always pulled off incredibly well. From there, Durk delivers emotional bars where he tells the story of some of the situations he has been in, and the emotional tolls that come with it. Once again, Durk shows himself to be at the top of his game, and this is a must-listen track.

Quotable Lyrics:

I had them hoes in my DM when I had a Nicki verse
I’ll cash you out for a whole thirty, you gotta get ’em first
You mix the ecstasy and Percocets, you itch the worst
Some of my homies played back then, they know they still bogus

Lil Durk