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Lil Keed Feat. Lil Baby

She Know

Posted By on August 3, 2020

Lil Keed has steadily built up a solid repertoire, to the point where many are beginning to gravitate toward his melodic approach to the signature YSL sound. After projects like his debut album Long Live Mexico helped put him on the map, Keed managed to distinguish himself from the pack, a difficult task considering the sheer volume of melodic rappers in the mix. And what’s great is that he only appears to be developing further artistic confidence, a quality reflected in his brand new single “She Know,” stemming from Trapped On Cleveland 3. 

A duet with Lil Baby, who has been steadily enjoying a run as hip-hop’s biggest new wave superstar, “She Know” finds both rappers comfortably in their element. Which is to say, free to float over emotional and minimalistic trap production. Though keeping up with Baby is no easy feat, Keed matches his strides, an astute pupil of Young Thug‘s eclectic syllabus. For those who have already bought into the YSL movement, you’ll likely find much to love about “She Know,” a promising glimpse at Keed’s upcoming project — look for that to arrive this Friday


I jump right in that water, didn’t know how to swim
Fucked around and I turned to a shark
This shit, life, it was made to be hard
I thank God that I beat all the odds
I done told my hitter don’t crash
If you do ’em nasty, keep on your mask
Coulda flipped ’em, I gave ’em a pass

Lil Keed


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