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Lil Keed Feat. Young Thug

Kiss Em Peace

Posted By on August 7, 2020

22-year-old Atlanta rapper Lil Keed has been bubbling for the last little while. Depending on who you ask, Long Live Mexico was one of the most consistent hip-hop albums from last year. One year later, songs like “Snake” and “HBS” are still getting looks. That’s a major feat, especially in this music economy. People seem to get bored with new music after just one week, so for Lil Keed to craft a project that stood the test of time is highly impressive.

Still so young, Lil Keed has the world in front of him. He has been sponging up knowledge from his mentor Young Thug and, with Trapped On Cleveland 3, it seems as though he’s finally ready to be seen as a star of his own. 

His beat selection is always on point, which is evident with “Kiss Em Peace.” Able to do some wild things with his voice, Keed keeps things slightly tamer on “Kiss Em Peace,” as opposed to on some of the other album standouts. This does mark yet another collaboration between Young Thug and his “oldest son”, and once again, it’s nearly perfect.

Listen to it below and let us know if you’re feeling the album!

Quotable Lyrics:

It might not matter to you but it matter to me
Put a Panamera top, that’s suede on the seats
Yeah, I called a French bitch, she kiss my wee-wee-wee
Yeah, I copped the Zaza bags and a brick of icy
And they wonder how I rock this mink in a hundred degrees
‘Cause I’m in AC, my heat on M16
My pockets on ATM, I’m on this ATV
If I ever catch an opp, know I kissed ’em peace

Lil Keed


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