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Lil Nas X

That's What I Want

Posted By on September 16, 2021

If critics were upset with “Industry Baby,” they are going to have a field day with this. On Friday (September 17), Lil Nas X dropped off his anticipated debut studio album MONTERO. The controversial star has ruffled a few feathers during the rollout of this record, much of which came because he proudly touted his sexuality. Detractors stormed social media to speak about Nas X being a negative influence on children, but the Popstar made it clear during his recent visit to The Breakfast Club that he is not responsible for anyone’s children.

In addition to releasing his album, Lil Nas X also delivered the music video to his single “That’s What I Want.” The visual opens with Nas X as a football star who has a romance with a fellow player, but life takes a turn when the man he loves decides to get married and have a child with a woman. The track is all about having a deep desire to fall in love and ends with Lil Nas X crying at the altar in a wedding dress.

His fans are praising him for representing gay relationships in mainstream media, but those sex scenes will certainly get his critics talking. Stream “That’s What I Want” and let us know your thoughts. 

Quotable Lyrics

That afro Black boy with the gold teeth
He dark skin, lookin’ at me like he know me
I wonder if he got the G or the B
Let me find out and see, he comin’ over to me, yeah

Lil Nas X