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Lil Tjay

Born 2 Be Great

Posted By on March 31, 2021

Bronx-based rapper Lil Tjay is releasing his sophomore studio album Destined 2 Win at the end of this week and he’s officially dropped the latest single from it, coming through with “Born 2 Be Great” on all streaming platforms.

The new single comes just days before the release of the 19-year-old’s new album, which follows up 2019’s True 2 Myself. “Born 2 Be Great” unpacks the teenaged rapper’s hardships as he dreamed of a superstar life, explaining that he’s destined for the life that he’s been blessed with. From the millions of dollars in his bank account to the lavish trips that Tjay can take around the world, the rapper truly believes that he was meant to live this way.

In his second verse, Lil Tjay interpolates Drake’s “Work” lyrics and makes them his own, spinning them to make sense with the rest of the song.

Listen to the latest record from Destined 2 Win below and stay tuned for more new music from Lil Tjay on Friday.

Quotable Lyrics:

Sometimes it feel like n***as you love the most be the ones that bring you down
Just speakin’ from experience, ’cause I done been around
I remember sh*t was smooth, we was dreamin’ cap and gowns
Older n***as preached to us the sh*t that we see now
Some of your friends gon’ die, some of your friends gon’ live
Some of ’em go to jail for all the sh*t they did
Every year they solid, every year they straight
I was always solid, solid all the way

Lil Tjay