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Lil Wayne Feat. Raekwon

More To The Story

Posted By on September 25, 2020

Whenever two lyrical greats join forces on a track, it’s always worth a listen. Today, with the release of Tha Carter V Deluxe Edition, comes yet another collaboration between Lil Wayne and Raekwon. Having previously connected on The Wild’s “My Corner,” the worlds of Cash Money and Wu-Tang have aligned for “More To The Story,” an easy highlight off Weezy’s new release. Kicking off with a synth-driven build-up, the signature lighter flick spells imminent doom as Wayne steps to the mic.

Taking to the creeping synth arpeggio and uptempo percussion, he lets fly a frantic salvo of bars lined with typical clever punchlines. “They pulled him over, they only write him a ticket, he’ll be alright,” raps Weezy. “Yeah right, cause you know he fit the description of a black male that sell white.” Before long, he’s settling into his storytelling bag, the tension enhanced by the addition of a piano element.  Setting the bar high, Raekwon slides through to continue where Wayne left off, spitting a rugged double-time flow lined with violent imagery. “Ten seconds left, he gon’ get it, mag in his mouth, mean like a fitted,” raps the Chef. “Caught him in the pool room, two to his head.”

Check out the latest collaboration now, and sound off — did Weezy and Rae kill this one?


Just chillin’ up in New York City, one got witty
Took his mask off, he a dumb ass
Got him on viddy
Somebody yelled out, “Yo, that’s ‘Chelle”
Blaow, blaow, caught her in the titty, huh
Four more shells went to his face like gazelles
Bloody, they laced him up well

Lil Wayne


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