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Posted By on September 23, 2020

Halloween is around the corner so it makes sense for Lil Wop to be making a return.

The Chicago-raised rapper is well-known for his spooky voice and his unique musical style. Coming up under Gucci Mane as part of the old 1017 Eskimo team, Lil Wop stood out as one of the more out-there characters on the roster.

Operating unlike anybody else in Atlanta, Lil Wop can’t be compared to any other artists. His drawl is almost indistinguishable, partly because of the way he delivers his flows. Lil Wop reaches into the grittiest part of himself, singing with his throat and making everything sound like it belongs in a rap-themed horror movie.

Today, he releases his new song “Off-White”, which is a love letter to Virgil Abloh’s brand. 

Listen to the new song below!

Quotable Lyrics:

I just want the bands, she call me the band man
Pull up in that van, he turned to the ran man
She say she is not a fan, she just my Instagram friend
My pockets, they filled up with hella chicken, goddamn
Sam I am, Toucan Sam
That car a different color and the roof not there
I’ve been ballin’, I don’t even got a hoop, goddamn
Handlе business, need to go and get a suit, goddamn

Lil Wop


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