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Lil Yachty


Posted By on October 2, 2020

At the beginning of his new freestyle, Lil Yachty says that he’s just got to start dropping new music. His stash is overflowing and he refuses to wait for his next project to feed his fans.

“I gotta start dropping these,” he says after getting out of the booth. His engineer agrees with him, saying that he’s got more than enough to keep on the side for the deluxe edition of his album.

Thus, Lil Yachty has officially come through with a surprise drop on YouTube, dropping “Coffin”. 

The song isn’t too long, clocking in at under two minutes, but it’s nice to hear Lil Yachty getting in his bag in his care-free manner. 

This is one of the first releases for him since Lil Boat 3. Are you rocking with it?

Quotable Lyrics:

Gimme the keys to the coupe, I’ma pull out
Gotta wear condoms ’cause I do not pull out
Walk in the spot, fifty deep with the tool out
They know that it’s us, show out at the cookout
We gettin’ money, don’t care ’bout what they on
Finger fuck hunnids at home all alone
In a suit with a stick like Capone

Lil Yachty