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Lil Yachty

F*ck Up My Flow

Posted By on June 19, 2021

Lil Yachty is only a few months removed from his Detroit-inspired album, Michigan Boy Boat which was more or less a collaborative effort alongside the brightest young stars out of Detroit and its surrounding areas. For some, it was Yachty’s most exciting musical venture in recent times, especially since Yachty was genuinely keeping up with his collaborators on that project.

While it might be a while until Yachty’s follow-up, he came through with a surprise for his fans earlier today. Boat went into the vault to unveil “Fuck Up My Flow,” an unreleased track from 2017. The release basks in the bubblegum-trap sound he introduced during the early years, delivering auto-tuned melodies over lullabye-esque inspired production.

Check out the record from Yachty below and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Quotable Lyrics
Baby, I don’t shop at Macy’s
Let’s have a threesome with Macy 
She had text back like ‘Maybe’
I said, let’s go

Lil Yachty