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Heard Em Say

Posted By on July 26, 2020

Logic is retiring from the rap world and he’s doing so in pretty spectacular fashion. While many have criticized his previous albums, there is no denying that No Pressure is among his best efforts. On this project, we see a more refined Logic who is taking risks while also narrowing his bars down to what really matters most. Not to mention, this is some of his best production yet.

One of the best examples of this album’s conciseness is “Heard Em Say” which is named after the popular Kanye West song. Throughout this track, we get a gorgeous vocal sample all while Logic looks to motivate his fans with his signature peace, love, and positivity. If you’re a Logic fan, you can’t help but marvel at his final body of work.

Quotable Lyrics:

Never mind who be bitchin’
This is for the person in the back who always gon’ listen
Fuck a punchline, this is food for thought like the lunch line
We all got problems, the question is, can you solve ’em?
Had the courage to face all of ’em and resolve ’em