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Posted By on June 17, 2021

Twenty-four hours after sharing that he’s “back,” Logic has delivered his second solo single of the year. The first was “Tired in Malibu,” a track that was just one of several singles released by the rapper since he announced his retirement last summer. Logic told his fans that No Pressure would be his final album before he retreated into the shadows of retirement, but yesterday (June 17), he popped up on Twitter with a new declaration that was inspired by Michael Jordan‘s famous 1995 message.

“The following statement was released today by Logic, through his attorney Paul Rothenberg Partner of Rothenberg, Mohr & Binder, LLP located in NYC, in response to questions about his future career plans: ‘I’m back,'” wrote Logic. On Friday (June 18), he gave his fans his latest single “Intro” where he reintroduces himself and explains his return following a brief hiatus. This is “the life [he] wants forever,” so it doesn’t seem that he’s even close to the end of his Rap career.

Stream “Intro” and let us know what you think.

Quotable Lyrics

I got rent, I got bills
But I want a record deal
Don’t wanna give up on my dreams
‘Cause I know I got skills
People sayin’ I won’t make it
Sometimes that’s how it feels