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Ludacris Feat. Three 6 Mafia, I-20 & Lil Fate

Go 2 Sleep

Posted By on January 21, 2021

Though it’s seldom hailed as an obvious pick whenever hip-hop classic discourse rages, there’s ample evidence that Ludacris‘ 2001 sophomore album Word Of Mouf is more than worthy of the label. Largely hailed as one of, if not the, best records of Luda’s storied career, the album went a long way in establishing the Atlanta lyricist as a commercial juggernaut. And while Word Of Mouf featured plenty of massive hits like “Area Codes,” “Rollout,” “Move Bitch,” and “Saturday,” some of the hardest cuts went beyond the singles.

Case in point, the Three 6 Mafia and DTP collab “Go 2 Sleep,” featuring a menacing and unapologetically badass banger from Bangladesh. One of the only collaborations between Luda and the legendary Mafia, the five-minute track features six verses in total, including some bars from DTP rappers I-20 and Lil Fate. While Ludacris is generally seen as dexterous in the flow department, he slows things down for this one, making it clear that he’s not afraid to flex his gangsta if necessary. Sexually explicit, violent, and commanding as hell, “Go 2 Sleep” goes as hard today as it did upon its release twenty-years ago. Sound off if you’ve been keeping Word Of Mouf in steady rotation. 


Man, I tell a ho to go to sleep 
They turn around and frown, gotta make them six feet deep
Cause we knock them unconscious with that nonsense
Read in between that fine print, think about lyrical content
Then about where your time spent
Mess around get your guys hit



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