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Luh Soldier

Hand Of Justice

Posted By on June 17, 2020

The uprising happening across America is another battle that’s being fought against. Systemic oppression is evident in how the justice system works, and those that are protesting on the frontlines for their rights are also being targeted by police. The protests have inspired a slew of music that was released in the past few weeks. Lil Baby released, “The Bigger Picture.” DaBaby flipped “Rockstar” for a new BLM version. 

Today, rising Alabama star Luh Soldier returned with a brand new single titled, “Hand Of Justice.” The Southern rapper delivers regional sounds with a blues-y tone as he not only reflects on the state of America but his experiences as a Black man being unfairly targetted as a system throughout his life. It’s a powerful single and incredible intro to Luh Soldier’s music for anyone who is unfamiliar.

Check the song below. 

Quotable Lyrics
To all my brothers, it’s a blessing that we here
But it’s a surprise
With all the shit against us, we hope to see 25
They take advantage of our situation and throw it in our face

Luh Soldier


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