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Lupe Fiasco

Big Energy

Posted By on September 24, 2021

With his upcoming album set to be released whenever he sees fit, Lupe Fiasco has kept the streak of new music going with the arrival of “Big Energy,” a song from The One And Only Dick Gregory soundtrack. For this one, Lupe draws directly from the source, paying homage to the late comedian and civil rights activist Dick Gregory in his opening lines. “Portrait of Dick Gregory, the myth allegedly,” he raps. “Mister, you gotta listen to this shit carefully.” 

From there, he brings listeners into his interpretation of Gregory’s world, vividly capturing the electricity of a stand-up comedy performance before getting truly biographical. “Bout to get heavy, hope you’re ready, go get your neck brace,” he warns. “I’ll try to fit his entire life inside your headspace.” And that he does, deftly tackling the weight of the subject matter with a historian’s attention to detail. 

Be sure to check out “Big Energy,” an ode to Dick Gregory’s legacy, right now. 

Quotable Lyrics

Wrote N***** in 64′ and then wrote many more
Extending proficiency to flip obscenity to lore
The war wasn’t ignored, he consistently objected
Political activism where his energy would be continously directed

Lupe Fiasco