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Mac Miller


Posted By on August 4, 2020

When people circle around and discuss Mac Miller‘s defining work, one has to think that “Dunno” will be mentioned at the very least. Released a little over two years ago on Swimming, the restrained and reflective highlight may very well be the realest piece of writing that Mac Miller has ever penned. Largely understood to be about his relationship and dynamic with former girlfriend Ariana Grande, the track paints a relatable picture of a couple pulled in different directions.

As much about mutual respect as it is about the discovery process, “Dunno” is a compelling reminder of Mac’s acumen as a writer. Proving that less can indeed be more, his own anecdotes shine as he reminisces on sharing a joint with his then-girlfriend. “You was coughing when you hit my weed,” he sings, his tone wistful. “But I never seen you feel that free / so cute you wanna be like me.” By the time he finds catharsis in the song’s climactic moments, a bittersweet synthesizer reinforces his emotional state. With Swimming officially looking back on two years, it feels appropriate to shine a light on one of Mac Miller’s crowning achievements.


You was coughin’ when you hit my weed
But I’ve never seen you feel that free
So cute, you wanna be like me
Wouldn’t you rather get along?
Wouldn’t you rather get along?

Mac Miller