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Mach Hommy

Really Weak

Posted By on August 23, 2020

Mach-Hommy is really doing it on his own terms without compromising an ounce of what he’s about. His grind as an independent artist has essentially helped him create a cult-like following. The release of Mach’s Hard Lemonade thrived off of scarcity as he issued physical copies between the prices of $77.77 to $555.55 before releasing the project exclusively on TIDAL.

Just weeks after the project’s release and Mach is back with even more music with the fans. The rapper returned with his new single, “Really Weak” this Friday which he released, again, as a TIDAL exclusive. Mach Hommy delivers dusty boom-bap vibes with tinges of old school dancehall with Preservation and himself holding down the production. Mach is still flexing his effortless wordplay with fluidity as he declares the opps “really weak.”

Quotable Lyrics
A one man band can never break up
This ain’t plus
Ain’t no hand to hand, I levitate up
It’s taped up
Ain’t no ambulance,
Crime scene investigator waitin’ on the cameraman

Mach Hommy