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Meek Mill Feat. 42 Dugg


Posted By on November 21, 2020

Meek Mill had a hectic week that began with a local rapper from Philadelphia declaring a ban on Meek Mill. It all began after Meek told rappers from the city to stop beefing in exchange for a record deal. Ultimately, a back-and-forth ensued until Meek realized that it was probably best he just lays low off of social media for a while but he did confirm that he had new music arriving at the end of the week. He kept his promise.

Quarantine Pack is another four-song offering. Stacked with features, Meek gave the world a little something until we get his official follow-up to CHAMPIONSHIPS. Teaming up with Detriot’s next-up 42 Dugg, Meek Mill delivers an icy banger on, “GTA.” Dream Chasers in-house producer Nick Papz holds down the production with icy keys and bouncy 808s. Meek and Dugg leave no room for a hook, going back to back with a barrage of bars that includes a shout out to Lisa Raye, rapping, “Fuckin’ on this oiled lightskin bitch, look like Lisa Ray.” Clearly, she’s still on his mind.

It feels like a minute since we’ve received some actual new music from Meek Mill. With Dugg serving as one of the hottest new rappers in the game, hopefully, “GTA” is one of many collaborative efforts we hear from them in the future.

What’s your favorite track on QUARANTINE PACK?

Quotable Lyrics
I’m vibin’ on fast whips, I might go Lamb’ truck
I’m blowing it out if I get jammed up, them n**as ran, what?
Threw his shit back if he ran up, Meek asked, cuz
I make it jump then get it gone, nigga, ask Bud
I got his bitch singing my songs and she half-Blood
I’m half-rapper, whole-trapper, I got bad luck
Turned into Mamba when it’s drama, I don’t pass much

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